Four Finger Five Farewell – A Letter to the Fans From Joe


It is with many mixed emotions that I write to let you know that this Fall Four Finger Five is taking a break.  It was this time 10 years ago that I moved back to Michigan from NYC.  Unsure of what my next move was, it was after a late night of hanging with Steve in the basement of my cousin Mike’s house (or as he became known to us “The Johnson”) when we started throwing around the idea of forming a band.  Steve told me about a friend from high school who would be a perfect fit and before long Steve, Mike and I were Jamming in the old “Studio” off Laketon behind the Sandbar.  We called ourselves Funktion and played one show at the Rock Harbor in Muskegon.  About a year went by and we played sporadically until the summer of 2005 when we opened for Collective Soul at Summer Celebration. Since then we’ve been weekend warriors playing anywhere and everywhere that would have us.

Four Finger Five has been my vehicle for some of the best times in my life.  I’ve seen both coasts and the Gulf coast and so many places in between.  I’ve heard our music on the radio, played on TV and had the opportunity to meet many of my heroes.  But the moments that mean the most to me, the times that we were at  our best were because of the energy and enthusiasm that you shared with us.  4F5  really would be nothing with out the raucus drunken nights at Lakeshore Tavern,  Union Street, Founder’s, Bell’s, and so many other barroom floors and corner stages, beer tents and summer festivals.  I have so much gratitude for every second I got to play music with my brothers Steve and Mike and get down on stage because you showed up and you pushed us to be our best and encouraged us to keep going.

I could never express how thankful I am for the ride we’ve been on the last 10 years and how much optimism I have for the future.  This hiatus is going to give all of us the opportunity to work on our individual endeavors and refocus on music instead of the music business.  I hope that you will continue to enjoy our music and check back in with us in the coming months.

Thanks again for the great times!